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For Older Adults and Families

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • ACCS provides assessments of older adults regarding mental health, functioning levels in activities of daily living, memory, and cognition. 
  • Clinically researched and respected testing tools are used in combination with a thorough clinical interview as well as input from family and care providers as appropriate.  
  • Assessment summaries include recommendations and referrals to resources.  Detailed written reports are also available for an additional fee. 
  • Karin estimates to date she has provided assessments to over 900 older adults.  

A client's sibling said:
"I received the assessment... it explains much of what I have been experiencing with my brother. As always, I want to thank you for going above and beyond what you are required to do. You have been my angel through this." 

Care Planning

  • The ACCS proprietary Living Values and Choices Care Planning Process is based on clinical research and evidence based practices, incorporating her experience working with hundreds of older adults and their partners, families, and care providers.

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  • ACCS also provides consultation to family members and care providers who are seeking guidance on how to best support their older adult. 


A local police officer said:
"Thank you so much for your swift reply. No one seemed to be able to figure out how to get him into the system before this.  You are the BEST!" 


A care provider said:
"Thank you, Karin, you sure are a great resource with the valuable resources you share from your contacts and knowledge base!"

Family Facilitation

  • ACCS provides family meeting facilitation to defuse tension and ensure all voices are heard, so that common ground can be found and care issues can be resolved.  
  • Having a neutral third party present encourages "good behavior" and helps family members avoid regressing into long-time unproductive patterns or resurfacing resentments. 
  • Family meetings can include the older adult or not, depending on your situation. However, all parties present need to agree to participate and to respect confidentiality. 

A client's son said:
"After you left on Thursday we had a heart-to-heart and she agreed to move and wanted to go then... Glad we didn't have to force a move... Thank you so much for all your help in this matter, you were essential..."

A daughter tells her story...

   My mother had been gradually failing for the past four years as a result of Alzheimer's dementia.  My mother was living alone in North Seattle.  I work full time and live on the island, so at best I was able to check on her twice a week. 

   In the fall... her condition began to deteriorate rapidly.  I tried to have visiting caregivers three times per week, but my mother would not allow them into the home. When my mother awoke and no longer recognized her own home, I knew that I had to do something.  However, she had always been adamant about leaving her home and flatly refused to accept a full-time live-in caregiver. 

   ...I was connected with Karin and she quickly arranged to come out and evaluate my mom.  She did a very thorough evaluation and explained to me and to mom in no uncertain terms what had to be done. I was very fortunate in that I found a wonderful home for mom in South Seattle and quickly arranged to have her move in.  

   Unfortunately, my sisters did not cope with this sudden change and were distressed and unhappy.  They were directing their anger towards me.  Karin suggested a family meeting, wherein she would mediate and explain to my sisters exactly why I did what I did and why it was necessary to move quickly. 

    The meeting was very helpful and my family has been more accepting of the situation since then. 

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