Fall Classes

December: Self-Care Survival

SELF-CARE SURVIVAL for Senior Service Professionals

3 CEUs:  $60


The holidays can be stressful times for you and your clients.  

Re-focus on easy and accessible ways to take care of yourself and manage your energy levels. 

When you do this for yourself, you can coach your clients in doing it for themselves also. 

A great self-care experience as we head into the height of the holiday season.

Thursday, December 14, 9am-12noon

at Merrill Gardens Burien

Additional Snohomish County location/date TBA


CEU's pending.

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What others have said about our classes...

There was a real range of backgrounds and experience in that group, and I appreciate how you tried to tailor it to be meaningful to the whole group.


I enjoyed your class.  I plan to attend more of your trainings in the future!

Good pace, interesting examples helped in learning. 


I enjoyed your class and your style! Thank you! 


It was a good group and informative class. 

The half day... works great for me as it's so hard to get time off, & my attention span dwindles in day long trainings.


Karin is excellent, superb, fantastic!

Coming in 2018


Ethics and Empathy: 

Working Effectively with Older Adults

with Jonathan Prescott, BCC BCCC BCPC

CEU's pending

January 18, Thurs. 10am-1pm

at Merrill Gardens Burien

Snohomish County date/location TBA


Alternative Ways of 

Connecting with Older Adults

with multiple guest presenters

CEU's pending

February 15, Thurs. 9am-12noon

at Merrill Gardens Burien

Snohomish County date/location TBA


Advance Care Planning:  

Exercises and Tools for 

Working with Older Adults

with Jonathan Prescott, BCC BCCC BCPC

3 CEU's for counselors (WMHCA), 

guardians (CPGB), 

and LTC providers (DSHS).

Date/location TBA

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Prior Classes: CEU's Available for Your Staff

Depression, Dementia, & Delirium

Differences & Diagnostic Tools

Among the most common disorders seen with older adults, these three disorders share many symptoms.  The situation is complicated by the very real possibility of having a combination of these issues, or even all three simultaneously. A cascade of negative outcomes can result from any of these disorders and can greatly impact quality of life and even mortality. Therefore, quick and accurate diagnosis is essential for proper intervention.   Learn diagnostic tools as well as prevention and treatment options. 

CEU's approved for counselors and social workers by WMHCA, for guardians by the CPGB, and for long term care providers by DSHS. 


Red Flags and How to Help Older Adults

  • Recognize the red flags of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. 
  • Learn effective ways to talk with clients, families, and care providers about it.
  • Understand your obligations as a mandated reporter (you are one), how and when to report, and what happens after a report.
  • In-depth review of case studies and best practices.
  • Including up-to-date information from the November Washington State Elder Abuse conference.
  • CEU's approved for counselors and social workers by WMHCA, for guardians by the CPGB, and for long-term care providers by DSHS.