Aging Care Consultation Services

Helping you 

solve your puzzle

so all the pieces 

fall into place.


ACCS provides various services focused on three goals:

  1. helping seniors and families in understanding their needs, planning for care, identifying resources for support, and navigating the complexity of aging;
  2. helping professionals and organizations gain knowledge and access specialized support to best assist their clients; and
  3. helping clinicians gain experience and expertise for licensure and specialty credentials to further their professional growth and increase services in the community.  

Specialized expertise, with a unique perspective:

Karin Taifour is a licensed mental health counselor, geriatric mental health specialist, and approved clinical supervisor. She has worked in mental health with older adults for over 15 years and has taught continuing education and graduate level courses. 

Karin says:

     "I was led to work with older adults by my love for my late grandparents, all of whom experienced cognitive impairment and disability as they aged. Each faced different challenges and received various types of care. Also my husband's parents passed before we met, and his family are all overseas. There is much that I could not do before, or cannot do now, for my own extended family -- so I feel a strong mission to help others find the best possible solutions.

     "Understanding people's values and the functions of the systems surrounding them are essential for this work. I have a great appreciation for the culture, experience, and life stories that are shared with me, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to get to know my clients and their families."

Before working in mental health, Karin did organizational development and project management consulting in a variety of fields. Her diverse experiences across the corporate, non-profit, healthcare, and social service worlds give her a broad knowledge base and an ability to think of creative solutions. 

Whatever's puzzling you... here's help

Call or email me with your questions -- really.

Your first phone call is always free, and you will get at least one piece of information or a resource that you can use immediately.  

If I don't have an answer, I will point you in the right direction. 

I try to connect people with free services whenever possible.  

I am happy to refer you to other trusted professionals as well. 

Call 206.999.5934, or email  

Please allow a day for an email response due to busy schedules.

** If you don't hear back from me within the next business day, call again -- sometimes emails or voicemails don't get through, but I will never ignore you, so try me again. 

Karin Taifour, MA LMHC GMHS

Aging Care Consultation Services


It worked! Emails from families:

"Thank you so much for your much needed help concerning my aging father and his situation. Before speaking to you I felt frustrated, helpless and like a bad daughter. You immediately put me at ease, your knowledge of resources is wonderful. I can't praise your help and direction adequately... I slept soundly for the first time in months after speaking with you. You are a guardian angel for me, navigating this world of having an aging parent, while I live 500 miles away." 


"Thank you again for your information and advice. I had a great trip with my sister: we got her to doctor [and more]... I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that without the great direction you gave me. You have helped someone you don’t know, and probably will never meet, so please know there are 2 women out there who thank you tremendously."